The Remote SaaS Architect Role You’ve Been Looking For. No, Really.

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It’s true. This is perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime shot at joining a team in a leadership role, in an organization that is incredibly well positioned, fun, kind and firing on all cylinders.

We’ve been retained by our friends at @highwing (formerly Imagine Analytics) after many years of working together to scale Colorado’s startup ecosystem. We worked closely with Erik Mitisek (CEO) and Jay Zeschin (VP Technology) during year two of Denver Startup Week to ensure it was a huge success. Going into year eight of North America’s largest free entrepreneurial event next week, we could not be more excited about helping this 13 person Denver based startup find the best possible match for their growing team in Downtown Denver. Yes, this role can be based in Denver OR remote, for the right person who’s been in this role for truly fast paced startup teams before, and mastered the art of working on a distributed team.

Jay has been leading teams for more than a decade, but the exciting and unique aspect of his leadership is that three of the team members have been working at different organizations for more than 12 years and the average tenure on the current team is more than five years. That’s remarkable in the startup realm, and it speaks to the quality of the communication, collaboration, idea sharing and compassion for one-another.

Erik is a consummate ‘fearless leader’ and startup guru. He’s the former CIO of the State of Colorado, one of the three original founders of Denver Startup Week and his enthusiasm and passion is contagious.

The quality of the people and the team at Highwing is unparalleled.

Highwing is in a unique position to disrupt commercial insurance like never before. Virtually everything you see, touch, and interact with every minute, of every day, is insured. Highwing is building the infrastructure and insurance data analytics platform that will connect and transform the industry. We’re assembling a network of brokers, technologists, carriers, and partners to shape a simpler, more transparent future in commercial insurance.

Make no mistake, this role is a true opportunity and a true challenge.

Is this the remote SaaS Architect role you’ve been looking for?

Drop us a line if you’d like to learn more!

Senior Remote Open Source Platform Architect

**fully remote possible for this role, but you must be US-based**

Our Culture

Family-first, have fun and love what you do, iterate rapidly, over-deliver, under-promise, grow intelligently, build community, and do it all over again.

Our team is a small but mighty group of engineers, designers and entrepreneurs. Some of us work regularly in the Denver office, and some work largely remotely.  If you have a strong preference, let us know. Both active collaboration and autonomy are key to our success.

Based in the US-work-life-balance-capital city of Denver, Colorado- we believe that software development is a team sport, and that the best products are built by teams with diverse backgrounds who are empowered with a high degree of autonomy.

We strive for rapid iteration and continuous improvement in both our products themselves and our approaches to building them.

We work at a (Gasp!) sustainable pace and know from experience that building a lasting product organization is a marathon, not a sprint.

Our Core Guiding Principles 

  • Collaboration
  • Autonomy
  • Improvement
  • Transparency
  • Empowerment
  • Kindness

Position Summary

Highwing is looking for an experienced backend software engineer with an impressive track record in building data-intensive API-driven software platforms. You have extensive experience architecting complex systems, working with a variety of frameworks and data stores, and making the appropriate trade-offs to fit the needs of a particular problem. You have worked with products over multiple releases and developed a sense of what it means to build software for long-term maintainability. You are passionate about your work but recognize that building software is a team sport, not a sprint as an individual. You love well-thought-out architecture, beautiful code, and seamless user experiences, and are looking to help build a product that will be a key part of many users’ daily work lives.

Our Stack

We are building a greenfield product on a modern technology stack, which currently includes React/Apollo,   Python/Scala/Spark, Go(lang), Elasticsearch, Postgres, and various serverless technologies. We’re not technology zealots, and our team members have a high degree of autonomy to choose the tools they feel best address the challenges at hand. We iterate quickly and deploy continuously while striving to keep the quality of our user experience high and our codebases tidy. And we have a hell of a lot of fun doing it, together.

Why Highwing? Why insurance?

We are doing highly impactful work in an established industry with a lot of complexity and a rich array of interesting challenges. Learning about insurance markets and working closely with partners to identify opportunities and create efficiencies is what drives us. And we have the best of both worlds, the stability of 40 years in business with the speed and energy of a startup. We are a company where the impact is tangible, your voice is part of the story and the work is industry changing.

Role and Responsibilities

  • You will be responsible for architecting, building and maintaining software to support IA’s product objectives and business goals.
  • You should be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment with quick changes and a high degree of uncertainty. 
  • A high degree of proficiency in tools and architectures for building modern web and data platforms is a must, as is a desire to learn quickly to adapt to changing technologies and business challenges.
  • As a member of the engineering team, you will help guide both the technical and usability aspects of the software we build and will be involved in all stages of the cycle of iterative product development.
  • You’ll work with partners and stakeholders to gather input and prioritize features, with designers to establish user flows and look and feel, with other engineers to implement functionality, and with customers to provide support and gather feedback.
  • You will have a high degree of freedom to pick the tools and frameworks that you feel the best address the problems at hand and will be responsible for managing and maintaining those technology investments over their entire lifetime.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Bachelor’s degree, or related field or equivalent experience
  • 4+ years experience building production-ready enterprise software, or related field or equivalent experience
  • Design Centered: A high degree of product sense & strong appreciation for UX
  • Excitement to explore new technologies and platforms, that could add system value

For more information drop us a line! dave at technicalintegrity dot com

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