Technical Integrity could not be as successful as we are at connecting people, building
communities, and creating opportunity without our amazing and talented partners.

Saberr – Artificial Intelligence Software Platform

Saberr AI allows us to help you increase awareness of team dynamics, ensure best team match and to improve your financial returns. Saberr is on a mission to make teams in every workplace perform at the top of their game so that our next giant leaps will only be a small step away. We believe advances in technology should promote, rather than automate away, meaningful relationships between people. AI should exist to aid human interaction rather than replace it The team report enables you to understand the team as a whole. It shows the diversity of personality and values across the team and common values that motivate the team. The report can help teams improve by: Developing goals consistent with their values. Exploring potential blind spots in how they operate. Build better inter team relationships through sharing team profiles.

Pipeline – Artificial Intelligence Platform

Pipeline™ allows us to help your organization improve financial performance while monitoring and tracking your progress on gender equity. Pipeline’s™ proprietary SaaS platform uses AI to assess, address and action against the gender biases costing the U.S. alone $2 trillion each year. This issue is not just about good sense, this is about dollars. Big dollars that turn heads to create social change. Pipeline™ provides a robust, data-driven analytical platform designed for organizations who understand good mission underscores good business line. Through direct integration with your cloud-based human capital management system, Pipeline™ is able to analyze data based on a series of triggered events and make recommendations that support improved financial performance for the organization, as well as growth for the individual. Changing the narrative around gender equity is the first step to improving an organization’s business outcomes, and it also better serves the individual, the household, and increases the economic pie for everyone. Diversity and inclusion have long been a priority for many C-suites across markets, categories and company size; it is a complex issue with innumerable data points difficult to understand and apply for good. “Few debate whether gender equity is an issue, but most agree it’s an opportunity,” said Katica Roy, CEO and founder of Pipeline™

Find My Flock

On our quest for true diversity and inclusion in the startup realm, we’ve acquired women in tech centric recruiting firm, Find My Flock, to further scale the most diverse and inclusive software engineering teams in the country.