Under a new executive’s leadership, your future will be brighter than ever before.

Your Trusted Partner

Technical Integrity has over twenty five years of experience placing a diverse set of leaders and executives. Our unique, proprietary, culture-first approach has been integral in scaling executive teams for small and large scale software organizations, pre-seed and post Series C startups, mission driven organizations, as well as physical product, large scale telecommunications providers, to name a few.

As your dedicated trusted advisor, we take the road less traveled to ensure we find you the best possible company executive from traditional and underrepresented populations alike.

We specialize in the following types of executive roles:


C-Level Executives
Vice Presidents
Directors of All Types


Digital Marketing Executives
Sales Executives
General Managers

Don't just take our word for it

Find An Executive

When you partner with Technical Integrity, our proprietary deep-dive assessment will assist you in onboarding the ideal leader that will be most impactful for your organization.

We will have incredibly candid (and confidential) discussions around your current and aspirational goals, your existing leadership team profiles, product market fit, an overall SWOT analysis including your company’s ability to weather unforeseen circumstances, and much more.

Once our assessment is completed, our active outreach begins to target the ideal executives around the globe. Technical Integrity acts as an extension of your brand and tells the story of your organization to align with potential candidates. 

One of our most powerful differentiators in Executive Search has been our deep commitment to community building (link) – Our more than twenty five years of experience, and thousands of hours building entrepreneurial and startup ecosystems around the country, deeply rooted in the #GiveFirst ethos, gives us unparalleled access to diverse, collaborative and inclusive resources that others may not reach.

Our success in executive and engineering team building alike can be attributed, in large part, to our ongoing dedication to Give First entrepreneurial community building around the country, and our emphasis on culture-matching for your organization.

Start Your Search

We look for future executives who have:

  • A willingness to lead from the front in times of crisis, and lead from the back in times of celebration
  • The ability to foster company growth through an inclusive, affable, collaborative and data-driven leadership style
  • Proven ability to galvanize and motivate both internally and externally for both onsite and remote-first organizations
  • Demonstrated skills in agility and adaptability in improving the market position and financial wellbeing of the organization
  • Strong acumen to foster strategic partnerships and develop out of the box solutions to new challenges
  • Understanding of how company and individual goals should align and grow together
  • Constant evaluation and alignment with the mission and values of the organization, Board and employees 
  • Ability to manage and incentivize cross functional collaboration, client relations, and sales
  • Track record for making difficult but critical decisions for the health of the entire organization

In hiring new leadership from your partners at Technical Integrity, the future of your organization will be more innovative, productive and more profitable than ever before.

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