With the most inclusive, innovative and efficient engineering team, your organization will meet your goals faster.

A highly customized approach

For more than twenty years, Technical Integrity has helped build inclusive and profitable teams across the country with an honest, transparent, and highly customized approach. This has been proven time agin building teams for firms like IBM and Oracle, as well as startups that went on to IPO or get purchased by PayPal and Twitter.

We specialize in building the following types of technical teams:


Data Driven


Community Focused

Don't just take our word for it

Build Your Team

Technical Integrity is the go-to firm for building fast-paced technical teams. When you hire Technical Integrity, you get access to our proprietary assessment that will ultimately recommend new technical team members that will be most successful within your specific organization.

During this assessment, we rely on you being concise and open about your company mission and values, organizational culture, the leadership personalities involved, and your financial health as it relates to your long-term goals. These are primary indicators of the type of person that will be successful within your organization.

Once the assessment is completed, our active outreach begins to ideal target audiences around the country. Technical Integrity acts as an extension of your brand and tells the story of your organization to align with potential candidates. 

Start Your Search

We look for technical teams who have:

  • The best culture fit with your organization
  • The capacity to grow personally and professionally
  • Career goals that align with the role in your organization
  • A value for teamwork and the desire to help others grow
  • Technical acumen across tech stacks
  • The ability to articulate difficult principles with both technical and non technical audiences alike
  • Open source contributions and experience speaking at conferences

Our goal is that with a new technical team, your organization can grow more quickly to where you’ve always envisioned it.

Team building resources

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